Access to your portfolio – anytime, anywhere.

We realize the importance of having access to accurate and timely information. Our Online Account Access (OAA) is available to clients 24/7 providing an array of powerful functionality that allows you to manage and stay informed about your investments as well as suppress mailing of your paper statements should you wish to do so. Our OAA service will bring you many benefits. It can help you:

Get organized:

  • View information by account, by group, or consolidated (for CDN/USD accounts, we convert USD holdings to CAD).
  • Group accounts for convenient viewing (e.g., all registered, his/hers, or corporate accounts).
  • Compare holdings to market values using our dynamic watchlist.
  • Create a custom watchlist.

Operate in real time:

  • Track account activity (contracted trades, posted journals, deposits, dividends, etc.) as they occur.
  • Update your portfolio values with just a 20-minute delay of current market prices by simply refreshing prices.
  • View quote details with just a 20-minute delay by clicking on the security symbol of positions you hold.

Enjoy user-friendly functionality:

  • Create nicknames for accounts.
  • Change your security question for document access.
  • Choose the number of minutes until the system times out.

Go green:

  • Get online copies of statements, equity and fixed income trade confirms, and tax slips.
  • Suppress your paper statements (husbands and wives require separate logins, but you can choose to view each other’s accounts). Once you are enrolled in OAA, follow the below instructions to suppress your statements and retrieve them online.
  • Login to our website to your Online Access
  • Click My Profile at the top of the page
  • Scroll down to 5 – Statement Delivery Options and click Edit
  • Under the new column Options click Change
  • Change Option can be updated to ‘I will receive electronic statements via RGMP’s Online Account Access’ then click Continue
  • Read through the Terms & Conditions then click I agree at the bottom of the page
  • Confirm your email address
  • You’re done!

If you would like to enroll and enjoy the convenience of our Online Account Access, please click here to fill out the form and return it to us. Should you have any questions about this service, please contact us.